Introducing The New Virus Scanner

Hello Everyone we want to let you know our New Hosting Feature Service


VIRUS SCANNER powered by ClamAV. It is already available on every c-Panel Hosting from and the best at all it is complete FREE. This Virus Scan allow you to run a full files scan, will detect and fix your files.

Here are Step by Step how to run a Virus scan.

Step 1 : Login your Hosting c-panel Powered by and find it under “Advanced” Menu options. Please click on the image.

cpanel virusfind


Step 2: You will find 4 options (Scan Mail, Scan Entire Home Directory,   Scan Public Web Space and Scan Public FTP Space)  click and run a scan 1 by 1 to complete the full scan process. Please click on the image.


Step 3: After every scan you will get the scan details, if a virus was detected the Virus Scanner will give you 3 options to do.  We highly recommended you pick “Fix Files” or Delete it if you see they are not necessary.

If  The scanner did not found any infected files will let you know.

Any question feel free to open a Ticket support.

World Peace : )