Urgent Server Maintenance on 27-Sep-2015

Affecting Server – verne > NS1,NS2CLOUDYWEBS.COM

The server is currently under maintenance. The server has been experiencing extremely slow connections and therefore we have brought it down to connect it to a robust network. We understand the importantance of uptime and that’s the main goal behind this maintenance, which will increase network reliability, performance and speed.

The maintenance was not planned but the urgency did not allow us to notify our customers beforehand.

Date: Saturday, September 27th 2015
Start Time: 4:00 PM GMT
End time: 6:00 PM GMT
Maintenance Window: 2 hours
Expected Downtime: Up to 2 hours

We appreciate your patience and understanding as well as apologize for any inconvenience this maintenance is causing.

Any question feel free to contact us

Support Team.

Virus Scanner & Cleaning Running

July 23,2015 – 11:30 Est. time.

We want to let our customers know that we are running our monthly Virus Scan & Cleaning process for Servers NS1.CLOUDYWEBS.COM & NS2.CLOUDYWEBS.COM  Some websites will experience low or downtime while the process is running, sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding, we do this in order to provide better service in our VPS servers.


Client Area Update

For all our current customers, we are working and updating our “Client Area”, new account details are being sent via email, any case you need to know the new login details send us a message with your name and domain name to send the info.

Best & Regards.

Support Team.

www.webhostcreator.com – www.cloudywebs.com

Free Live Chat Plugin for WordPress to our subscribers

WordPress Live Chat Plugin Hello Everyone, we want to let you know to all our Clients about  the “Chat Plugin” for WordPress, it is complete free. Just Login  your Customer account, Open a Support Ticket and let us know you want it. We’ll will send the files to you and you can install it.

If need installation let us know we can do it for a low fee of $12 For a Chat Plugin Demo  CLICK HERE



FREE WordPress Installation




Any Hosting Plan Includes FREE WordPress Installation, after your order open a Support Ticket and let us know thta you need wordPress in your cPanel, our Team will install the latest WordPress Version and will let you know admin panel Info, any question easy just contact us.


Backup Files Reminder




This is a ‘Backup Website Files Reminder” for all our customers, everyone knows that for privacy policies we do not do backup of web files,  we respect the privacy of each of our clients so we do not subtract information from Hosting cPanels.

We provide the necessary tool that everyone can do from your own cPanel, also We recommend do a backup periodically every 2 or 3 months and save it in your PC, for any emergency just send us your back up. Here are the step to do it.

1- Login your Hosting cPanel, under “Files” click on “Backups”  icon. see image.




2-  You can open the “Video Tutorial”  or click on “Download or generate a full website backup”   see image.




3-  Select Backup destination to “Home Directory”, enter you email if you want the system send email notification of backup completion or just check “Do not send email notification” (note this email is NOT your backup files, it is a notification only that let you know your backup is ready to download now click on “Generate Backup” button.




4- Now you will see a message  ”

Full Backup in Progress…

-If you selected “email notification” you will get a message when backup is done.

-If you do not selected the email notification box, get back in 5 or 10 minutes.

When  backup is done from your cpanel click again “Backups” and “Download or generate a full website backup” there you will see the back up is ready to download, just click on the Blue Link backup and save the file into a folder in your PC.   done!


Introducing The New Virus Scanner

Hello Everyone we want to let you know our New Hosting Feature Service


VIRUS SCANNER powered by ClamAV. It is already available on every c-Panel Hosting from Webhostcreator.com and the best at all it is complete FREE. This Virus Scan allow you to run a full files scan, will detect and fix your files.

Here are Step by Step how to run a Virus scan.

Step 1 : Login your Hosting c-panel Powered by Webhostcreator.com and find it under “Advanced” Menu options. Please click on the image.

cpanel virusfind


Step 2: You will find 4 options (Scan Mail, Scan Entire Home Directory,   Scan Public Web Space and Scan Public FTP Space)  click and run a scan 1 by 1 to complete the full scan process. Please click on the image.


Step 3: After every scan you will get the scan details, if a virus was detected the Virus Scanner will give you 3 options to do.  We highly recommended you pick “Fix Files” or Delete it if you see they are not necessary.

If  The scanner did not found any infected files will let you know.

Any question feel free to open a Ticket support.

World Peace : )