Backup Files Reminder




This is a ‘Backup Website Files Reminder” for all our customers, everyone knows that for privacy policies we do not do backup of web files,  we respect the privacy of each of our clients so we do not subtract information from Hosting cPanels.

We provide the necessary tool that everyone can do from your own cPanel, also We recommend do a backup periodically every 2 or 3 months and save it in your PC, for any emergency just send us your back up. Here are the step to do it.

1- Login your Hosting cPanel, under “Files” click on “Backups”  icon. see image.




2-  You can open the “Video Tutorial”  or click on “Download or generate a full website backup”   see image.




3-  Select Backup destination to “Home Directory”, enter you email if you want the system send email notification of backup completion or just check “Do not send email notification” (note this email is NOT your backup files, it is a notification only that let you know your backup is ready to download now click on “Generate Backup” button.




4- Now you will see a message  ”

Full Backup in Progress…

-If you selected “email notification” you will get a message when backup is done.

-If you do not selected the email notification box, get back in 5 or 10 minutes.

When  backup is done from your cpanel click again “Backups” and “Download or generate a full website backup” there you will see the back up is ready to download, just click on the Blue Link backup and save the file into a folder in your PC.   done!